About Aron Vajna

«Making instruments is more than just a job for me - it is my love and my passion. I hope every musician senses this when playing my instruments.»

After many years of playing trumpet, Aron Vajna began an apprenticeship as a maker of brass instruments. He studied at the school of musical instrument making at the renowned Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest (Hungary), his home town. He completed his final exams in 1997, concluding his period as an apprentice under master Istvan Andrik.

In 2001 he moved to Switzerland at the invitation of a trumpet-building firm, and he gained professional experience in several other workshops as well. From 2004 he was an employee of the firm Blechblas-Instrumentenbau Egger in Basel, where he began to focus on the building of copies of historical brass instruments. In 2006 Vajna completed his master craftsman’s examination in Markneukirchen (Germany), a centre for musical instrument building since the 17th century, receiving the title of «Master Instrument Maker». 2008 saw the opening of his own workshop for historical brass instrument making in Basel.