The instruments of Aron Vajna are made with high precision using historical construction techniques. All bells and tubes are made from forged silver or brass sheets, soldered, formed, hammered. Depending on the particular model, specifically selected alloys are used. Each decoration is carefully copied from its original using traditional methods, with all engraving done by hand.

To find the best models to reproduce, Aron Vajna travels extensively to visit museums and collections where original instruments are kept, in order to photograph and document them, to measure, make technical drawings and take casts. When possible, the originals are also played, so that the individual character of each instrument can be captured.

Thanks to this elaborate process, Aron Vajna’s reconstructions not only look like, but also sound like originals.

And so one can say that the instruments from his workshop are not only accurate historical reproductions, but also unique copies that carry the hallmark of his passion.